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If you are experiencing moss growth on your roof, it is causing damage that should be addressed immediately. Moss’s roots damage your roof by slowly deteriorating the shingles and eventually the roof structural support if left unattended resulting in thousands of dollars of damage to your property. Moss also maintains moisture keeping you shingles and wood supports wet and accelerating rot.

If you are worried about roof integrity we practice many soft methods of cleaning than just pressure washing. Using low-pressure washing, hand brushing and preventive treatments the Scrap Monkey crew can handle it all.

Our roof moss treatment services is eco-friendly and extremely effective in killing the moss on your roof. When you call us to kill the moss, you can be rest assured the job will be done right the first time. This service will literally save your roof, and help extend its life significantly.

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What Is Roof Moss Treatment?

It’s ideal to treat roof moss as it is growing and thriving (from November through April). If you treat your roof once a year, moss won’t grow beyond the point of routine maintenance. As a rule of thumb, seeing a tint of green on your roof means the moss is outgrowing the maintenance phase, and you may need a moss removal plan to completely clear it off. 

Moss treatment means killing the moss, which begins at the time of treatment. Moss treatment is the process of applying a solution that will kill moss over time—typically five to six weeks. When performed at regular intervals, moss treatment prevents moss growth, which often eliminates the need for moss removal. Think of it as you think about changing your car’s oil versus having to replace the engine. 


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